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Schedule an appointment with Flowstate Physiotherapy quickly and easily using the box below. Flowstate Physiotherapy serves people throughout the greater Boston area. If you have any questions, please call/text us at 617-764-5205 or email info@flowstatept.org.

Flowstate Physiotherapy is a fee for service practice, so payment is required in full at the time of treatment. If you would like to use your insurance, as many of our patients do, we will provide you with the necessary receipts (superbill) required so that you may send in self-claims for reimbursement. To learn more about why we choose to be a fee for service practice, please visit our Rates and Insurance page.

Flowstate Physiotherapy is not an enrolled Medicare provider, and therefore we legally cannot see Medicare patients for services that would be considered normally covered services. If you would like to use your Medicare benefits, we would be happy to refer you to a provider who is enrolled with Medicare. If you are a Medicare patient and would like to forgo using your Medicare benefits and request our services, please call us at 617-764-5205 before scheduling so that we can determine if we can legally accept you as a patient.

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