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Running Injury Risk Assessment & Gait Analysis

The Running Injury Risk Assessment & Gait Analysis has been designed specifically for runners to make sure they get to the start line of their next race healthy.

The unfortunate reality is that over 50% of runners will become injured each year. This assessment identifies weakness, imbalances, and mobility deficits that are most likely to lead to injury so that you can create a plan with your physical therapist to reduce your injury risk and to be able to identify the initial signs of when an injury is starting so that you can get ahead of any serious setbacks.

The Running Injury Risk Assessment includes a detailed running gait analysis that will break down your form to detect anything that could be putting you at risk of future injury, and that could be slowing you down. Your physical therapist will review your gait analysis with you and teach you how to improve your form for long term success. 

Every body is unique. The best way to make sure you are optimally training is by having a running injury risk assessment to find out what your individualized needs are so that you aren’t wasting your time on a general strength training plan that wasn’t designed for you.

Schedule with one of our physical therapists today to have a running injury risk assessment completed at the convenience of your own home or virtually.

Running Injury Risk Assessment & Gait Analysis includes:

~ Full body strength & mobility assessment

~ Detailed running gait analysis 

~ Individualized strength and mobility plan

~ Running shoe consultation

~ Can be in person or virtual depending on location

~ 10% off first rapid recovery session

Virtual Gait Analysis:

~ Send in videos of your running and recieve a written report detailing your gait analysis

~ Includes recommendations for improving your running form so that you can optimize performance and run pain free

~ Option to add on a video consultation following


Note: A Running Injury Risk Assessment is not designed for people already experiencing pain or injury. If you already have an injury, please schedule a physical therapy evaluation so that we can best set you up for recovery. For runners, a physical therapy evaluation will include a gait anlaysis.

Wondering if a Running Injury Risk Assessment & Gait Analysis is right for you? Schedule a free phone consultation

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