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Rapid Recovery

At Flowstate Physiotherapy, we believe recovery is just as important as putting in the hard work.

When recovery is overlooked, injuries happen. Our rapid recovery sessions are designed to reduce recovery times after hard workouts, long runs, and races so that you can get back at it faster and lower your risk of injury…Not to mention, you will feel amazing afterwards.

Recovery sessions include a combination of manual therapy services tailored to your current achy and sore spots, guided exercise targeted at reducing muscle tension and joint stiffness through mobility exercises and stretching, and the use of our Normatec boots to improve blood flow and reduce post-workout swelling and soreness.

During a rapid recovery session, your physical therapist can design a pre and post-workout routine for your daily recovery as well. Pre workout routines typically consist of drills to prime your body for what it's about to do, so that you can optimize your form and performance and lower your risk of injury during your workout. Post workout routines are designed to reduce joint and muscle stiffness to speed up recovery and prevent future injury.

Just like our other services, rapid recovery sessions are provided in the comfort of your own home, and everything you need will be brought to you.

Note: Rapid recovery sessions are designed to address post workout soreness and stiffenss, but not pain/injury. If you are experiencing pain/injury, please book a physical therapy evaluation instead.  

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