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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy treatments are highly effective in helping reduce pain and restore the body’s natural mechanics. Our physical therapists use a variety of techniques including massage, joint mobilization and manipulation, IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization), kinesiotaping, and cupping to help restore your body.

Manual therapy treatments can often provide immediate results of increased range of motion and reduced pain. Your physical therapist with Flowstate Physiotherapy may use one or multiple of the manual techniques listed above to decrease pain, improve blood flow, reduce guarding, and desensitize the nervous system. The result is usually an increased range of motion and mobility.

Research has shown that manual therapy techniques are always best paired with therapeutic exercise to facilitate neuromuscular re-education so that you can actively achieve a full range of motion and restore optimal movement patterns. This helps maintain the short-term results from manual techniques for long-term changes and success. Your physical therapist will determine the correct exercises for you to do to ensure maixmal results. 

Manual therapy can also play a large role in recovery to help decrease inflammation and reduce muscle soreness after hard efforts. At Flowstate Physiotherapy, we use manual therapy during Rapid Recovery Sessions to help you feel your best and optimize recovery during training and after big races. 

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